When CX Network put out their announcement for the CX Live Start-up Pitchfest, we responded with open-minded curiosity and enthusiasm. It felt exciting to be part of the larger community of CX and related organizations and professionals. 

It ended with participation in the final, as one of the six shortlisted finalists. Not only was it an invigorating challenge, but also an educative and wonderful experience.

An eclectic mix of people, product and services – all bonded by the common quest to improve customer experience for organisation and brands.

Presenting the HUDE Studio proposition of ‘putting a human face to the digital presence of organisation and brand’ was a solution narrative that rhymed with products trying to reach out to CX professionals. 

In the end, the event was a great opportunity to have connected with global professionals in the larger CX fraternity. Nazim Iqbal, founder and director, elaborated on the HUDE philosophy of integrating human connectivity into digital channels.

Customer experience, forever evolving, and growing more subtle and embedding deeper within products, now calls for deeper collaborations amongst specialists, thinkers, analysts and creative dreamers. Such initiatives seem like excellent places to hang out with one’s own tribe, and get acquainted with others.

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