Among the many things we like to do at HUDE, mentoring budding professionals is a big one. We believe that the knowledge we have collectively gained through our journey is meant to be shared and passed on to upcoming ‘human’ designers, the next generation of talent. And undeniably, it is an amazingly enriching experience! We all learn in the most enjoyable way, while evolving efficient ways of working and adding value to brands and businesses.

Some words from two bright and energetic interns, who were with us recently:

“My time at Hude Studio was a transformative experience, offering me more than just a job. It became a guiding force, shaping my mindset and fostering a fresh approach to thinking. The journey was marked by continuous learning, making it a crucial chapter in my personal and professional development.

Engaging in tasks like creating logos, social media posts, and actively contributing to a live client project provided valuable exposure. Along with the logo I also worked on creating emailers. Additionally, I took on the creative challenge of translating a blog post about the company’s services into a comic, enhancing understanding and communication through visual storytelling.”

“My internship at HUDE Studio as a User Experience and Interface Designer was a remarkable experience. Having learnt the theories and laws during my master’s program, I was eager to apply them in real-world projects. HUDE not only provided me with the opportunity to do so but also exposed me to industry-standard designs. The communication within the team was seamless, and I was quickly integrated into the team and company. This valuable experience has significantly propelled my design career, and I am grateful for the opportunities and insights gained during my time at HUDE Studio.”

Early-career designers, graduate students who wish to intern with us – go on, call us. A conversation is the first step to a fruitful engagement, and more journeys.

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